Anchorage Weight Loss

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The proper way for weight loss is not depriving your self, and is certainly not calorie counting programs. If it were then why does the weight come back after counting all those calories? We are here to help you choose the right program, and weight loss supplements for you’re specific weight loss needs.

Adjusting Weight Loss Programs by Body Type

weight loss for anchorage ak residentsThe truth is we are all different. And different foods react differently within the body of each of us. So at our Anchorage Health and Wellness Clinic we start by teaching you which foods are the healthiest for your blood type, and which foods have a detrimental effect on you as well. The red blood cells of all four types of blood are different, and have different types of receptor sites on them. And they seem to favor certain types of nutrients over others.

There is a lot of science behind weight loss programs like immune sugars, cell communication, blood agglutination, and etc. The bottom line is we have a certain blood type and you probably already have an idea of what kind of foods make you feel well.

This is where we start with weight loss; we just take it to the next level. We also use certain nutrients and herbals that are known for burning fat as well as the proper type of exercise for each individual in our programs. Exercise is not required, but it will almost always speed up the rate at which weight loss occurs. And remember, since fat cells store toxins, weight loss is detoxification also. What a plus!

Inches by the way, are what we look for change in first in weight loss, not pounds. Fat is not very heavy stuff, so it takes a while to burn enough of it to show up as weight loss on the scale. You usually lose inches before the scale changes, and after all, isn’t that what you really want anyway? To look better and thinner! Yes! nobody would care if they weighed 500 pounds, if they looked like Olive Oil.

Testing Organs to Help with Weight Lossweight loss programs by healing therapeutics ak

In addition, your thyroid, adrenal glands, liver, pancreas and stomach all you need to be functioning well to maximize your results. This is where applied kinesiology comes in. Using this form of biofeedback we can determine if there is an imbalance anywhere. If any of these glands are not working correctly; it will definitely prevent you from achieving as much weight loss as you would like to. The body is an orchestra; all of the glands truly do work together and affect one another directly.

The thyroid especially, if not functioning properly, has a huge impact on your weight and potential for weight loss, as well as hair loss, body temperature and other things. We do things different at our Alaska health and wellness clinic. And that’s doing whatever it takes to get you well, trim, and healthy. Our programs for weight loss are custom to your body type.