Anchorage Reflexology Services

reflexology in anchorage 1Reflexology is the stimulation of the nerve endings on the bottom of the foot. All of the nerves that control the organs, and the systems of the body end on the sole of your foot.

These nerve endings have been mapped out to each correlating organ and body part they control. By stimulating these nerve endings with hand pressure we can directly effect the the organ systems in a very positive and healing way.


Reflexology Stimulates the Nervous Systemreflexology stimulates the body

When we are sick or injured, blockages are created in the body and our organs stop functioning at 100%. Reflexology provides stimulation to the nervous system, and any areas that have become “switched off”.

This stimulation has a strong effect on the nerves and correlating body organs, and kicks them back into high gear. The effects can be quite remarkable and felt within minutes of reflexology treatment