Myofascial Release Therapy Anchorage, AK

myofascial-release-massage-AnchorageMyofascial release therapy is a specialized manual therapy technique used to elongate and stretch tight connective tissue in the body. This technique is very effective for eliminating pain anywhere in the body, and relieving pinched nerves.

Connective tissue, also known as fascia, wraps all around and throughout the body like a web. It wraps around muscles and runs within muscles. Over time connective tissue tends to compress, tighten, and shorten. Especially with injuries or bad posture. It becomes compacted like when you make a snowball, and this tension puts a lot of undue tension and pain in the joints, muscles, and nerves.

Anchorage Myofascial Release Therapy To Relieve Pain

Using manual therapy and myofascial massage in Anchorage, AK we can release, stretch and elongate the tight connective tissue that is pulling on various structures of the body. Manual therapy and release of the myofascial tissue usually has a pretty rapid effect. Many patients report pain relief right away.

This release technique accesses very deep layers of myofascial tissue, muscle and connective tissue, areas that you cannot reach with the hand. So it is especially effective at relieving pinched nerves and painful joints.

Symptoms Helped By Release of Myofascial TissueMyofascial-therapy-to-Relieve-Pain

Other conditions also respond very well to the release of myofascial tissue through manual therapy. These include the inability to take a deep breath, numbness and tingling in the extremities, impaired circulation, and intestinal problems to name a few.

Fascia truly is tough stuff and is difficult to release, it has a tensile strength of 1000 pounds of pull per square inch. And that’s a lot. So if you have tension or are in pain and require release through myofascial therapy in Anchorage, AK give us a call today and let’s loosen you up!

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