Anchorage Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage is for everybodyThere are many types of massage out there. Everything from relaxation massage, and sports injury maintenance, to more medical modalities like lymphatic drainage and myofascial release. All of these massage techniques have their place and are very important depending on your individual needs.

Massage therapy targets the deep tissue has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Due to its ability to target the deeper layers and tissue where all of those tense knots and tension reside, it has become the most commonly requested type of massage. 

Massage of Deep Tissue to Relieve Stressdeep-tissue-to-relieve-stress

In addition, we all live in a high stress world and the stress builds up over time. We’ve all heard someone say “I carry my stress in my shoulders”. This is actually very true. When we are under stress our bodies respond by slightly shrugging our shoulders up, our adrenaline kicks into overdrive, and blood flow is shunted away from the internal organs,and into the muscles and tissue.

It’s basically our body getting ready to defend itself. We have all heard of fight or flight. When the stress response remains deep in the body for a long period of time those shrugged shoulders  become tight, fibrotic, and set up muscle imbalances in the body and tissue. 

deep tissue massage anchorage akMassage of Deep Tissue To Restore Movement

By massage of the deep tissue, we can return muscle and fascia to its normal length and then focus on strengthening the opposing weak muscles.

This massage therapy will in turn will restore normal movement to joints, greatly reduce pain, and dramatically increase flexibility.