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Allergies and food allergies/sensitivities are your body’s overreaction to a natural substance. Whether it be a food, pollen from trees, animal hair/dander etc.

We don’t know exactly why the body overreacts when it first encounters the substance, but we do know it gets locked in the body’s nervous/bioelectric memory. This is why we have recurring reactions every time thereafter, the “bad memory” needs to be erased.

Using Your Body’s Information for Allergy Elimination

We do this by accessing your body’s information system, mainly through the nervous system, using acupuncture points, and applied kinesiology. Using kinesiology, we can test certain reflex points on the body, and all kinds of different allergens to discover if your body is reactive to them or not.

Using the same body systems, we can clear the memory, “the allergy”, in a matter of minutes. People with severe food allergies have seen amazing success utilizing this technique. You can imagine how happy one would be when they can finally stop worrying about every little food they eat! Food allergies are extremely limiting, taxing, and very invasive on your lifestyle. Even the emotional stress from this kind of a lifestyle can be released also with this technique. We have seen many success stories with this allergy elimination method!