Anchorage Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that focuses on the electromagnetic energy flows within the body. Modern science has discovered that our bodies emit an electromagnetic energy from the inside out. Even the cells of our body are electrically charged. Likewise, nerves transmit electrical impulses to all areas of the body. Our bodies are electromagnetic in nature all the way around. From the cells on the inside, to the skin on the outside and beyond.

This energy flow in the body can become disrupted or blocked. Which then causes symptoms which lead to illness. There are certain things in particular that disrupt this energy flow the most. Such as: stress, injuries, sickness, surgery, and lack of nutrition. When these blockages occur it prevents electromagnetic energy from reaching vital organs and other parts of the body. If left uncorrected it can cause unwanted health issues. You would be surprised to know just how many diseases are linked to a lack of energy flow in the body.
Reiki healing AnchorageReiki finds these blockages in the body and corrects them. Oftentimes what happens is the energy flow gets stuck. It hasn’t gone away, it has stopped moving. Almost like a magnet is holding it in place over a particular area of the body. You can actually feel this with your hands ever so subtly. Using the hands, Reiki focuses on these areas with specific techniques to get the energy flowing again. People often times report immediate emotional relief, and that the pain in their body has left.

Reiki Anchorage

The body requires adequate energy flow for all of its cells and organs to function properly. Just as much as it requires blood and oxygen. Reiki will help restore natural energy to your body, to make sure you are in tip top shape. Call today and let’s get you feeling better!