Anchorage Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing system developed over 3000 years ago. It targets the electromagnetic energy that flows within the body. Traditionally, needles were used to stimulate various points along energy channels on the body. Blockages of this energy flow can happen easily, and acupuncture as well as acupressure can fix it rather quickly. Today in China their health care system revolves entirely around acupuncture, massage and herbs. And they have an extremely low amount of disease compared to Americans.

Acupuncture is also done without needles. Using pressure, magnets, electrical stimulation, and cold lasers, the flow of energy can be restored sometimes even faster than needles. This is known as needleless acupuncture. And is a very welcome and convenient method for those who do not like the use of needles. Which happens to be a lot of people. Releasing blocked energy flow in the body has a profound effect on your health. Both physically and mentally. The body relies on this innate energy in order to function as it should. When there is a blockage that occurs, cells and organs suffer and cannot perform their functions properly.
Acupuncture Anchorage

Using needleless acupuncture and other methods, we locate energy blockages in the body, and then fix them. It can take a few minutes or sometime several minutes.  But overall it is quick and painless, and often times results are felt right away. Greatly decreased pain, improved energy and sleep, relief from headaches and migraines, and improved digestion are just a few of the positive reports we have received over the years. There really is no health problem that cannot be helped. Since every cell, organ, and tissue in the body are connected, and rely on a healthy flow of natural internal energy. So call and make your appointment today and let’s make sure your energy is flowing good like it should be.

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